When God called me to start my own business, It completely caught my off guard.

I had all the ‘success’ boxes checked off my list at this point.

I had moved to London, landed my dream job working at the BBC and was about to get married.

But a business?

Something without a game plan or a ladder to climb?

Starting over like this made no sense to me.

Yet here I am – four years later – still without the full game plan, but full of plenty of lessons and a faith that grew quicker than my stretchy COVID yoga pants.

I love having my own business. I love serving women all over the world. I love sharing my message. 

But running a business does come with some challenges. Challenges that a college degree did not prepare me for.

And if I’m being really honest, those challenges can discourage me at times.

To any woman in business, if you ever find yourself on your knees, praying to God and thinking to yourself ‘I don’t think I am cut out for this’ – I have a word for you.

All you need is GRIT.

Yep. I said it.

You can buy all the courses, invest in the coach, go to the meetings and listen to all the podcasts.

But all you really need: is this four-letter-word: GRIT.

GRIT to keep showing up.

GRIT to not quit.

GRIT to pray when it looks like nothing is happening.

GRIT to believe in God’s promises for you and your future. 

GRIT to say YES to the dream and no to everything else.

GRIT to keep holding onto faith when it’s tough.

The definition of Grit is “courage and resolve; strength of character”.

It takes courage to start a business and take that leap into the entrepreneur wilderness.

But it’s Grit that will keep you going.

In Jeremiah 29.11 it says “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”.

Our Creator knows where you are headed, and He knows exactly what part of the journey you are on. Even if you can’t see the game plan – He has it all mapped out strategically. 

Remember – if you ever doubt yourself or your own journey – you are in good company.

Look at Sarah who had to wait until she was 90 years old to become a mother.

Look at Miriam who had to wait in hope for years for her brother Moses to come and lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Look at Esther who was a misplaced orphan who felt like an outcast before being invited to the King’s Palace and eventually saving the Jewish people.

Look at Mary, a young engaged teenager, who found herself pregnant, ridiculed for carrying Jesus, who would save mankind.

I have had to go back to all the people in the Bible who I admire and remember that: at times, they would have felt alone, out of place, ill-equipped and at times, full of doubt.

But they had grit.

And more importantly, they had God.

It took me 7 years to write and publish my first book. Would I have even started writing that book if I had known how long that journey would take? I think not.

But God knew.

His schedule will never be on my time.

But it’s perfectly timed.

Remember that.

Whatever you are facing right now in your business – you and God can handle it.

He’s got you.

And girl, you have plenty of Grit to keep going on this journey.

You are in great company – and it’s totally worth it on the other side. 
From a fellow business sister.

Rachel Reva is a publicity strategist, published author of ‘Grit, Grace and Hustle: A faith gal’s guide to authentic success’ and founder of the coaching and consulting company ‘Life On Her Terms’. You can hear Rachel’s coaching inspiration series ‘Coffee and Faith’ every Tuesday on Rhema FM radio. 


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