We own a number of editorial sites, and like all publishers, we use some of Google’s ad inventory on our sites to bring in extra income.

Accordingly, I was reading an article on My Christian Daily just today when two of the ads that were served up were the same – with a slight difference. One ad states that their product is the number one product of 2020. In the second ad, this has been updated to being the best product of 2021.

Seems like it is a pretty good product if it’s the best product two years running, right? Is this really the best product in its category in 2020, and now 2021? Probably not, but as the owner of the product has told us that it is, then many will believe that this must be the case.

How are you marketing your business? Are you ‘the most reliable plumber in Chicago’ or ‘the best furniture maker in London’?

People actually believe what they read and watch, within reason, and so in business, it is important that you make a big claim in order to attract customers your way.

Now from here, and this is where your ethics and integrity come in, you now need to back this up by stating what you claim. You need to be super reliable, if that’s what you state. You need to get to work on making the best furniture, if you tell the market this is the case.

Likewise for this pillow manufacturer, they need to back up their claim by having something different about their pillow that allows the to state why they are so good. Whether they are the best or not doesn’t really matter. Their advertising solidifies them as being a leader in their market, and this sort of advertising then draws in the sales.

You need to make a statement for your product or service, then be prepared to back it up. If you’re needing more business, try being bold in your advertising and sales literature. People want to deal with the best, and so you need to be positioned this way.

Even on a small scale, you might be an editor, or graphic designer, or bookkeeper working from home. Get some testimonials from your clients, find what you’re best at in your business, and state it up front. Humility is great, but you need to be prepared to put this to the side so you can state what makes you great ,and why people should use you over your competition. 

Go the bold – and watch your business grow in the process.


Matt Danswan is the CEO of Initiate Media, publishers of Entrepreneur Daily. He is also the author of NOT Business As Usual.


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