• Creativity: Why The Next Big Thing Won’t Look Like the Next Big Thing

    One thing about creativity and innovation is that it never seems like the next logical step. True innovators rethink the entire concept, and more often than not, the idea is completely transformed. Think about it the iPhone. It wasn’t anything like we’d seen with mobile phones before because it completely transformed the idea of what […]

  • Entrepreneurs with side gigs – There’s no shame in having a day job

    For those of you reaching for the creative stars – who want to direct a feature film, write the great American novel, create the ultimate app or turn the world upside down – early in our career, that’s all we can think about. But before long the rising need to pay our bills comes screaming […]

  • Do you have the courage it takes to be in business?

    Last summer, I dropped my lawnmower in for a service. We were having a very dry summer and when I asked the owner if it was affecting his business, I could see the color drain from his face. It had not rained all summer and not only were people like me not coming in to […]