• Creativity: Why The Next Big Thing Won’t Look Like the Next Big Thing

    One thing about creativity and innovation is that it never seems like the next logical step. True innovators rethink the entire concept, and more often than not, the idea is completely transformed. Think about it the iPhone. It wasn’t anything like we’d seen with mobile phones before because it completely transformed the idea of what […]

  • The 10 Keys in Designing a Creative Culture

    It’s no secret that culture is more important than vision. I’ve worked in creative, vibrant cultures where original thinking is valued, people listen to each other, and wonderful things happen. On the other hand I’ve worked at organizations where you could literally feel the oppression when you walked into the building. Those destructive cultures often […]

  • Why Creativity Doesn’t Happen by Committee

    I’ve written before that “brainstorming” simply doesn’t work. If you want to get together with friends and kick around a few ideas, ask for their advice, or discuss possibilities, great. But don’t think for a minute that a group will come up with the innovative, breakthrough idea.   I love bring around creative people. I […]

  • A Timeless Message from the Ad World Every Organization Should Hear

    If you were a fan of the TV series “Mad Men” (like I was) then you should know that real life advertising legend Bill Bernbach was one of the models for the character of Don Draper. In May of 1947, Bill was 35 years old and the Creative Director at Grey Advertising in New York […]