• After 2020, are you waiting for things to return to normal?

    2020 was a tough year. Nobody in business will doubt that. However, as we have kicked over and into 2021, there are a lot of people waiting for things to return to normal. But what if they don’t? There is a very good chance that the business world has changed and that the world we […]

  • With 170 stores, this Christian toy business putting is still putting staff first during COVID

    While businesses across the globe are suffering a serious decline in sales, one Christian-owned business is doing its best to protect its staff during the pandemic crisis. The Entertainer is Britain’s largest independent toy retailer, which operates more than 170 stores. Its owners are strong Christians, with their faith getting them by in one what […]

  • Massive Economic Boom to Potentially the Greatest Depression in History

    Jobs – gone. Businesses – gone. Innovations – gone. Entrepreneurship – gone. We can’t wait to reopen America. The greatest economic boom disappeared, almost overnight. It’s been replaced by 30 million in unemployment, bankruptcy, jobs lost. Hope for many is gone. Suicide. Depression. Fear. All made by government decree. 75-80% of all restaurants will be […]