As I continue consulting with organizations and their leaders, one of the biggest obstacles that’s becoming more and more clear is that some leaders understand the importance of communicating their message, and others don’t. It’s that simple.

The ones that see the importance, budget the time and money necessary to make it happen have vision. As a result, they see big possibilities out there, and focus relentlessly on how their message can have greater impact. The rest?

They keep putting it on the back burner.

In most cases, they can’t see the big possibilities, because the day to day small stuff is in their way. You act on what you see, and most leaders don’t know how to mange the small stuff so they can clearly see the big stuff. Writer and teacher Dallas Willard noticed that spiritual growth was similar.

The reason we don’t have a more vital spiritual life is because what’s VISIBLE gets our attention over what’s INVISIBLE. Until we can manage that balance better, we’ll never grow deeper spiritually.

It’s about managing the small stuff so you can focus on the big stuff.

The question is, what’s the small things that are keeping you from accomplishing big things?


Phil Cooke, Ph.D. is a producer and media consultant to churches and ministries across the country. His latest book is “The Way Back: How Christians Blew Their Credibility and How We Get It Back.” Find out more at


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