• Kill Me – It’s Another Meeting

    Some meetings should never take place!! When the leader of the meeting has no control over them, they are a waste of time. According to Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics, executives spend upwards of 18 hours per week – a third of their working week – in meetings. And with an […]

  • Are you running a smart consultancy?

    Like many of you reading this article I’ve read dozens of books on how to be a smart business owner and run my consultancy effectively. I read how some of the most successful businesses started in garages or on the kitchen table, so I guess it can’t be that hard! Or can it? If you […]

  • How is your God-appointed assignment going?

    Never before have there been so many opportunities to network, learn, meet people or find your friendship tribe. As women we are the most connected generation ever, and yet I still hear women saying they lack the confidence to ‘connect’. They feel isolated. They compare themselves to peers and feel inadequate. Maybe I’m approaching this […]