• Leaders, are you getting enough sleep?

    Sleeping was once seen as a waste of time for high achievers. While some were lazing in bed, the motivated were hard at work. However, new research is proving just how important a good night’s sleep in fact is. In our fast-paced and demanding world, sleep is often sacrificed in favor of productivity and various […]

  • With 170 stores, this Christian toy business putting is still putting staff first during COVID

    While businesses across the globe are suffering a serious decline in sales, one Christian-owned business is doing its best to protect its staff during the pandemic crisis. The Entertainer is Britain’s largest independent toy retailer, which operates more than 170 stores. Its owners are strong Christians, with their faith getting them by in one what […]

  • Meet Kanye west, the recently announced Christian billionaire

    He’s the latest celebrity Christian on the block, and now Forbes has announced that Kanye West is in fact a billionaire. That is no small announcement, as Forbes, America’s number one business magazine, produces the annual Forbes Rich List and, outside of the IRS, would have more data on the richest people than anyone else. […]